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Bringing together diverse perspectives about social good.

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Our Q&A with NDP Leader, Jagmeet Singh
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How social procurement is impacting the nonprofit sector

We know the tide is turning when industry leaders like Mitchell Cohen, the President of the Daniels Corporation, encourages the private sector to: 

David LePage

Canada has more data about eggs than it does about charities

Getting to know Canada's nonprofit sector: why we need better data

Did you know that we can tell how many eggs are produced and how many asphalt roofing tiles are manufactured each month in Canada, but we don’t know how many charities and no

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How to deal with the tricky question of Director benefits

Charities across Canada are generally prohibited by federal tax policy and provincial law from compensating directors for acting-as-directors.

Jeremy Burke

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Driving diversity: 5 steps to hiring board members

Boards need to have diversity of thought and perspective around the table. 

Suanne Miedema

Sustainable Development Goals UN Logo

How Sustainable Development Goals Will Impact Your Fundraising

If you don’t already know about the Sustainable Development Goals, it’s time to pay attention — because your donors are taking notice.

Devon Hurvid

Demystifying data

​Demystifying Data for the Charitable Sector

There’s a new gal in town and she seems to be invited to all the coolest parties.

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Our Q&A with NDP Leader, Jagmeet Singh

As part of our ongoing effort to bring important information about how the 2019 Canadian Election will impact charities and nonprofits, Imagine Canada secured an interview with New Democrat Party (

Bruce MacDonald

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Tax Incentives for Charitable Donations in Canada with a Focus on the Stretch Tax Credit for Charitable Giving

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