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Let's Imagine Podcast Series

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Let’s Imagine is a podcast series that invites listeners to explore topics and issues that matter to those who care about the nonprofit sector.

From policy priorities to decent work practices or the next wave of fundraising trends, in each episode we speak with a guest who shares their own unique perspectives with us. Listen in as we explore a diverse range of topics such as social finance, the rise of trust-based philanthropy and more. Join us, and together, Let’s Imagine our sector!

Let's Imagine

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Episode list

Episode 19

The Burden of Care -  Addressing Challenges in Employment in the Nonprofit Sector with Laura McDonough and Steven Ayer

Episode 20

Transforming Nonprofits by Centering Indigenous Justice with Mélanie Valcin and Kristen Miller

Episode 17

Why equity, diversity, and inclusion in board governance & decent work practices are non-negotiables with Paul Taylor

Episode 18

Powering the future of volunteering, with Megan Conway

Episode 15

Leveraging social finance: case studies with Leena Yahia and Rebecca Waterhouse

Episode 16

Regulatory policy files on our radar in 2024 with Terry Carter

Épisode 13

La culture philanthropique au Québec, avec Caroline Richard

Episode 14

Newcomers & the nonprofit sector, with Senator Ratna Omidvar and Dr. Kimahli Powell

Episode 11

Sector pulse & giving trends, with Duke Chang

Episode 12

Home in Government, with Zahra Esmail

Episode 9

Shifting power dynamics: equity, diversity and inclusion in the nonprofit sector, with amanuel melles

Episode 10

Social finance & innovation, with Graham Singh

Episode 7

How the lack of core funding is impacting 2SLGBTQI+ organizations, with Tyler Boyce.


Governance & Trust, with Yves Savoie

Episode 5

Federal budget 2023: What does it mean for the nonprofit sector? With David Coletto and Jordan Gray

Episode 6

A Global Perspective of the Nonprofit Sector: England, with Sarah Vibert

Episode 3

Decent work: the rise of the four-day work week, with Annika Voltan

Episode 4

Nonprofit workforce through the immigrant experience, with Debbie Douglas

Episode 1

A look ahead at 2023: Game-changing public policy files from a legal perspective, with Terry Carter

Episode 2

Advancing equity in corporate social investment, with Olumide Akerewusi

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