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Leadership Roundtable 2023: Intersections of Nonprofit Collaboration, Well-being, and Economic Trends

Leadership Roundtable 2023: Intersections of Nonprofit Collaboration, Well-being, and Economic Trends

Pictured: A group of seven delegates speaking in a breakout group at a round table.

This past September, the highly anticipated 2023 Leadership Roundtable brought together a diverse and dynamic group of insightful leaders in the nonprofit and charitable sector for two days of knowledge exchange, collaboration, and collective action, propelling the sector forward in these transformative times.

Strategic Insight for the Future of the Sector

The event featured thought-provoking keynotes and expert panel discussions, addressing critical issues and emerging trends in the nonprofit and charitable landscape. Distinguished speakers like Senator Ratna Omidvar, Mark Carney, Kris Archie, Madeleine Redfern, Aline Nizigama, and Kimahli Powell provided valuable insights into the evolving political and philanthropic landscape, strategic insight, and the ever-important role of data and digital resources.

Here's a brief recap of the highlights from the 2 days of Leadership Roundtable programming this year: 

  • Keynote by Minister of Families, Children & Social Development Jenna Sudds
  • Live Podcast Recording: Newcomers in the Nonprofit Sector
  • 'Co-Creation' discussion about the nonprofit sector and Indigenous groups
  • Debate on the Future of the Charitable Construct in Canada
  • Keynote on Key Economic Trends by Mark Carney
  • Panel on Psychological & Cultural Safety in the Nonprofit Workplace
  • Media Panel on the Political and Economic Forecast for Canada
  • Panel on the Health of the Voluntary Sector in Canada
  • Panel on Achieving Leadership Alignment between Boards & Executives
  • 175+ person Sector Social Reception

Find the full program for 2023 here

Empowering the Sector through Knowledge

Beyond the expertise of guest speakers, participants had access to workshops and discussions that rested on a foundation of new knowledge, including takeaways from three key research reports (Journey to Impact: Unlocking Purpose through Social Finance, Shifting Power Dynamics: Equity, diversity and inclusion in the nonprofit sector, and From the Mind to the Heart: Diversity & Equity in CSR). 

New challenging conversations were also broached, with panels exploring under-examined discussions of employee well-being, Indigenous project co-creation, and psychological and cultural safety in the workplace. The event was not just about discussions, but also about connecting leaders with the knowledge and resources they need to thrive in an ever-changing environment.

Sector Social 2023: Connecting for Improved Volunteer Impact

Photo Caption: Panelists Tracy Luca-Huger, Megan Conway, Aline Nizigama and Louise Dontigny posing with panel moderator Pascal Lepine.
Panelists Tracy Luca-Huger, Megan Conway, Aline Nizigama and Louise Dontigny posing with panel moderator Pascal Lepine.

This year’s Sector Social panel and reception, hosted at the Canadian Museum of Nature, served as a hub of insights and ideas, cross-sectoral networking, and fostered a community of participating organizations, all dedicated to the common goal of strengthening the sector's impact, particularly those relying on volunteers. 

With the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, this panel focused on the Voluntary Sector, and the Decline of Volunteerism in Canada. Our invited speakers pooled their wisdom to share best practices, and speak to the many diverse needs of this critical part of our sector’s work. 

Under the hanging Fossil Gallery, the conversations continued with over 50 local Ottawa-based organizations joining our participants for continued discussions about the sector’s work. 

A Bright Future Ahead

The 2023 Leadership Roundtable was a collaborative and forward-looking event that we curated with the intention of leaving participants with a sense of clarity of purpose and optimism for the path forward. 

The Leadership Roundtable event space filled with participants listening to a panel discussion.

On the final day, our CEO Bruce MacDonald, gave a presentation about what 2024 looks like for Imagine Canada. Some highlights include: 

We look forward to the future and the positive changes that attendees will champion in their respective organizations and the sector as a whole. We are eager for the changes and conversations that the Roundtable will catalyze as we move into 2024.

Imagine Canada would like to thank all of its partners and sponsors - including our Presenting Sponsor, PearTree Canada - as well as our participants for joining us for this edition of the Leadership Roundtable in Ottawa. 

Membership Benefits: A Way to Sustain the Momentum

Did you know that members get a discount on the Leadership Roundtable, and have access to a wide array of benefits, resources, advocacy initiatives, and networking opportunities? Learn more about the value of becoming an Imagine Canada Member here. 

If you would like to learn more about the Leadership Roundtable or our upcoming 2024 Regional Events, write to us at or subscribe to our Imagine 360° newsletter to get news and updates.

Stay tuned for updates and upcoming events from Imagine Canada, and join us on the journey to strengthen the nonprofit and charitable sector.



Image: Sponsors Leadership Roundtable 2023


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