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What trends will impact charities and nonprofits in the second quarter of 2024?
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8 (more) shifts in the grants landscape that fundraisers need to know about

Ahead of another year filled with both challenges and opportunities, we’re revisiting our 8 Shifts in the Grants Landscape blog post from late 2022 and providing updates and new insights on the evolution of our sector.

Malia Rogers and the Grant Connect team

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Five nonprofit sector perspectives from 2023

As we reflect on the past year, what comes to mind are the macro forces such as lasting pandemic impacts, inflation, the housing crisis, and constant environmental challenges and disasters that have created more demand for the services of charities and nonprofits.

Émilie Pontbriand

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Let's Imagine Podcast EPISODE 15: Leveraging social finance: case studies with Leena Yahia and Rebecca Waterhouse

In this episode, with guests Leena Yahia of Imagine Canada, and Rebecca Waterhouse of Raven Indigenous Impact Foundation, we explore examples of social finance repayable investment and dive into case studies of organizations that are using social finance to help them achieve their mission.

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Leadership Roundtable 2023: Intersections of Nonprofit Collaboration, Well-being, and Economic Trends

This past September, the highly anticipated 2023 Leadership Roundtable brought together a diverse and dynamic group of insightful leaders in the nonprofit and charitable sector for two days of knowledge exchange, collaboration, and collective action, propelling the sector forward in these transformative times.

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4-day work week: our experience so far

Since we launched our 4-day work week pilot in January 2023, we have been contacted by numerous organizations seeking advice and guidance on how to make it a reality for their own organizations, or determine if it is right for them.

Bruce MacDonald

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Let's Imagine Podcast EPISODE 14: Newcomers & the nonprofit sector, with Senator Ratna Omidvar and Dr. Kimahli Powell

With guests Senator Ratna Omidvar and Dr. Kimahli Powell, Executive Director of Rainbow Railroad, we discuss the unique strengths and contributions of newcomers to the nonprofit sector.

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Let's Imagine Podcast EPISODE 20: Transforming Nonprofits by Centering Indigenous Justice with Mélanie Valcin and Kristen Miller

What steps can organizations take to decolonize frameworks and center justice for Indigenous people in the nonprofit sector? In this episode, we’re joined by Mélanie Valcin and Kristen Miller, member of the board of directors of United for Literacy - a national charity focused on improving the lives of children, youth and adults through literacy.