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5 Essential HR Best Practices for Small Nonprofits
Young blonde woman wearing a gray toque, in a forest holding a maple leaf in front of her face.

30 Years of Giving in Canada - A look back to move forward

Charities are a key part of our society and our economy. They are integral to our conception of what being Canadian means.

Cathy Barr, Ph.D.

Canadian flag
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30 years of giving in Canada: who gives, how, and why? [Infographic]

Blog | Download our infographic | Download our report | We look at the history of giving in Canada in our new report '30 Years of Giving in Canada: Who gives, how, and why?'

Young woman smilling and looking into camera in a city

How to engage millennials in charitable giving

Blog | Millennials give to charity in different ways. We break down why they give and how they give in this blog post.

Kayla Smith

Five steps to build your organization's capacity to advocate

Five steps to build your organization's capacity to advocate

In addition to delivering vital programs and services, charitable organizations can play a role in advocating for the broader issues affecting the people they serve – to infl

Images shoes blank, open notebook with pencils, coffee and plant next to it

Investing in leadership: 6 steps you can take to develop your skills

Blog | Strong leadership improves the performance of organizations in the nonprofit sector. Find out what you can do to develop your leadership skills.

Denise Baker

Side view of a laptop, keyword and hand navigating using a mouse

An Open Letter to the Prime Minister Regarding Canada's Charitable and Nonprofit Sector

A letter to the Prime Minister from Imagine Canada's President & CEO

Dear Prime Minister,

Bruce MacDonald

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5 Essential HR Best Practices for Small Nonprofits

In this blog, we’ll take you through a few HR best practices that small organizations can adopt today to streamline HR management, and ensure volunteers and employees feel supported, valued, and excited to be part of your mission.

Partner HR

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