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Let's Imagine podcast EPISODE 2: Advancing equity in corporate social investment

Let's Imagine podcast EPISODE 2: Advancing equity in corporate social investment

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Advancing equity in corporate social investment, with Olumide Akerewusi

Photo: Olumide AkerewusiAmidst growing global catastrophes, Canadian companies are committing billions of dollars in an effort to move society towards greater social and environmental outcomes. While diversity training and donations from companies are well intended, perspectives shared by Black, Indigenous, 2SLGBTQI, South-Asian, and South-Asian Muslim professionals inside these companies, as well as Canadian youth aspiring to work in business sustainability and CSR, uncover a different story. With guest Olumide Akerewusi, Founder & CEO of AgentsC, we discuss the results of a new study on the influence of Justice, Access, Inclusion, Diversity, Equity - commonly referred to as JAIDE -  within the corporate community investment profession. What must companies do to authentically advance diversity and incorporate the principles of JAIDE into their community investment programs and partnerships? It begins with trust. Listen in to find out more!

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