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Grant Connect Subscription FAQ

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Grant Connect Subscription FAQ

Grant Connect plans and pricing

+ - What is the difference between the Premium and Essential plans?

The Essential plan allows access for 2 users, includes 5 years of funder gift history and financial data, and offers tiered pricing options based on your organization’s annual revenue. The Premium plan allows access for 20 users, includes 35 years of funder gift history and financial data, and is the same price for organizations of any size. Both plans offer access to the same funders and features, and the monthly Funder Alert newsletter.

+ - Are there any taxes or fees in addition to your listed prices?

No - you do not need to pay tax for Grant Connect (due to Imagine Canada’s charitable registration status). There are no additional fees associated with the purchase of a Grant Connect subscription.

+ - Do you offer affordable options for small charities?

Yes - both our Essential and Premium plans have monthly term options for flexibility. Additionally, our Essential plan pricing is determined by your organization’s annual revenue, which means you can benefit from reduced rates if your charity’s annual revenue is under $5 million.

+ - What is your cancellation and/or refund policy?

There are no cancellation fees, but a refund will not be issued for unused amounts. If you have any questions, please contact us at

+ - How do I determine my organization size?

Your organization size is based on the total organizational annual revenue for the most recent fiscal year. If you’re uncertain of your total annual revenue, you can reference line 4700 of your most recent T3010, which can be found using the CRA’s Charity Listings Search, and following these steps. If you are a nonprofit without a charitable registration number, a member of our team will follow up with you upon purchasing to ask for confirmation of your revenue (ie Annual Report, etc).

+ - Do you offer free trials?

Yes - you can request a free 48 hour trial.  Trials are permitted only once per organization before purchase. After submitting this form, you will receive approval for your request within 1-2 business days.

+ - Can users from different organizations share a plan?

No - as per Grant Connect’s Terms of Use, a single subscription cannot be shared by users from different organizations. 

+ - Can users from chapters or subsidiaries of the same organization share a Grant Connect subscription?

Yes - if chapters or subsidiaries share the same charitable registration number (BN), then a single Grant Connect plan can be purchased and shared among users from the chapters or subsidiaries so long as the maximum number of users allowed per plan is not exceeded (2 users for Essential Plans; 20 users for Premium Plans). If chapters or subsidiaries have distinct BNs, they cannot share a Grant Connect subscription. Please contact us at if you have further questions.

Determining if Grant Connect is right for your organization

+ - Our organization is a nonprofit (without a charitable registration number/BN). Does Grant Connect have funding opportunities for us?

Yes - many of our Grant Connect users are from nonprofit organizations! While most foundations require applicants to have a charitable registration number, we have recommendations in our Help Centre article for nonprofits using the platform.

+ - Our organization is for-profit. Does Grant Connect have funding opportunities for us?

All funding opportunities in Grant Connect are open for charitable organizations, and many are open to nonprofits, but none are specifically for for-profit organizations.

+ - I am an artist, musician, or student looking for a personal grant. Does Grant Connect have funding opportunities for me?

There are no funding opportunities for personal use (artists, musicians, students, etc) in Grant Connect.

+ - We are a government agency. Does Grant Connect have funding opportunities for us? What pricing category do I fall into?

Yes - many of our Grant Connect subscribers are government agencies (such as cities and municipalities). The opportunities listed in our platform are open to organizations registered with the Canada Revenue Agency as qualified donees. Government agencies must purchase in the “Over $5M” pricing tier.

+ - Our organization is a qualified donee. Does Grant Connect have funding opportunities for us?

Yes - the opportunities listed in our platform are open to any organizations registered with the Canada Revenue Agency as qualified donees.

+ - Our organization is based outside of Canada. Does Grant Connect have funding opportunities for us?

Grant Connect is a fundraising research tool geared towards Canada-based charities and nonprofits. If you are headquartered internationally but have operations in Canada (ideally with a Canadian charitable registration number), you may be able to find funding opportunities in Grant Connect. 

If you are not based or registered in Canada, you will be ineligible for the majority of funding opportunities in Grant Connect, apart from some corporate funders operating both in Canada and internationally, as corporations tend to support causes in the countries where they operate. 

+ - Our organization has operations outside of Canada, but is based in Canada. Does Grant Connect have funding opportunities for us?

Yes - Grant Connect has an ‘International’ regions filter you can use to find funders who are interested in funding programs, projects and/or operations outside of Canada. Attend our informational webinar or contact us at if you have any questions!

+ - I’m a funder. How can Grant Connect help me?

We have many funders that use Grant Connect to learn more about giving trends in their areas of interest and learn about the funding programs, application processes, and giving habits of other funders. You can also improve the quality of your grant applicants by ensuring your Grant Connect profile has the most accurate and up-to-date information. Feel free to contact us at for more information - we’d love to hear from you! 

Purchasing and accessing Grant Connect

+ - I’ve just purchased Grant Connect. When will I receive my login information?

You will receive your login information within 1 business day.

+ - Can I add extra users to my plan?

Absolutely! If you exceed the number of users available on your plan, you can reach out to us at to purchase additional users for an additional fee.

+ - We are a library or resource centre. Can I offer Grant Connect to our patrons or members?

Yes - the Grant Connect Community Edition is available for libraries and resource centres to offer to their patrons. Please contact us at for more information!

Still have questions about Grant Connect? We'd love to help!

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Grant Connect gives me the information I need so I can ask the right questions and make a personal impression. This helps me to stand out in a sea of requests and, ultimately, succeed in securing funding. You only have so many arrows in your quiver and you want them to hit the bullseye without wasting time, effort and money. I would definitely recommend Grant Connect to any organization that wants to take the guesswork out of seeking funding.

– Paul Evered, Senior Giving Officer at Operation Smile Canada

Grant Connect is phenomenal! It's a really easy to use and comprehensive service.

– Ian Michael Smith, Canadian Cancer Society

The data is reliable and the interface is easy to use. Beyond that, I know I can rely on the fact that the Grant Connect team has checked and re-checked information, including what's necessary and interpreting what's obscure - and they respond so quickly if I need help or guidance. Other tools I have used in the past do not have the same depth of information and understanding of fundraising as Grant Connect.

– Margot Porter, Director of Development, JUMP Math

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