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If you work for a nonprofit 1601 is the new podcast for you

If you work for a nonprofit 1601 is the new podcast for you

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Welcome to 1601 - Imagine Canada's podcast about the country's charitable and nonprofit sector. In our first episode, we speak to Green Party leader Elizabeth May and discuss the environment that charities and nonprofits operate in.
1601 logoWhy 1601? For starters, 1601 is the year the Charitable Uses Act in the UK first defined what it means to be charitable. For better and for worse, this definition continues to form the basis for operating as a charity in Canada to this day. 1601 explores how we can re/define our sector, build on our strengths, learn from our past, push boundaries, and rethink what it means to be charitable. Together, we’ll explore the environment in which our sector operates and dive into what it means to be supported as we go about the work of improving the world around us. 
In anticipation of the 2019 Fall Election, we invited representatives from federal parties to share their views on the sector and the work that we do. Lucky for us, Elizabeth May, Leader of Canada's Green Party, agreed to sit down to discuss the Party's vision for Canada, policy ideas for the sector and her experience as an activist and former nonprofit leader. 

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Join us as Elizabeth May and our CEO and President Bruce MacDonald discuss her hopes for the future, her views on activism, what motivates her, SDGs, community benefits and even jigsaw puzzles! 
Trust us, you won't want to miss this. 
"I'm very motivated by my desire to make things better for people who are in the charitable sector, by getting the government to modernize and accept that the work that is done by volunteers and nonprofits across Canada is essential to our health as a society." -Elizabeth May

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