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What trends will impact charities and nonprofits in the second quarter of 2024?
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Supporting non-charities is about to get easier. Why should funders consider it?

Grassroots groups and nonprofits carry out vital services in communities across Canada. However, their lack of charitable status has left them largely overlooked by philanthropy – until now.

Malia Rogers and the Grant Connect team

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Priorities and challenges for nonprofits in the fourth quarter of 2022

In the latest edition of this quarterly blog series, we discuss some of the trends that are impacting Canada’s nonprofit sector in the fourth quarter of 2022.

Cathy Barr, Ph.D. & Emily Jensen

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After some time… (Re)Connecting with the Charitable Sector

Montréal - a hub for the community and social sector - played host to over 100 charitable and nonprofit sector leaders from across Canada, on September 12-14th, for Imagine Canada’s 2022 Leadership Roundtable.

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8 shifts in the grants landscape that fundraisers need to know about

As we head into more uncertainty with rising inflation, a looming recession, and the ongoing impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, diversifying your revenue sources is one of the most important things you can do to ensure a sustainable future for your organization.

Malia Rogers and the Grant Connect team

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Towards a more just and equitable society: where we are now

Today, we wanted to share an update on how we are working to advance anti-racism and anti-oppression (ARAO) at Imagine Canada.

Bruce MacDonald

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In Indigenous nonprofit governance, values matter more than tools

With the implementation of the Gradual Civilization and Gradual Enfranchisement sections of the Indian Act in 1876, Indigenous peoples across Canada have continually faced racism, discrimination, exploitation, and domination.

Rachelle Dallaire (Guest Author)

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