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What trends will impact charities and nonprofits in the second quarter of 2024?
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Let's Imagine Podcast EPISODE 8: Governance & trust

The last few years have seen some media reports that have called our sector’s governance into question - whether justified or not. A few organizations have been under scrutiny for their governance practices - WE Charity is an example, Hockey Canada another, and more recently, The Trudeau Foundation.

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Let's Imagine podcast EPISODE 7: How the lack of core funding is impacting 2SLGBTQIA+ organizations

Not being able to count on reliable funding impacts organizational health, capacity and resilience, which in turn negatively impacts the quality of services organizations can offer their community, but also the employment conditions of nonprofit workers, and the long-term sustainability of their organizations.

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What trends will impact charities and nonprofits in the second quarter of 2023?

Climate crisis and insurance woes create challenges, donation trends are mixed, flexible work models create opportunities

Cathy Barr, Ph.D. & Emily Jensen

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On Collaboration, Communication, and the Future of Corporate Fundraising: An Interview with Crystal Daniel

We recently connected with Crystal to learn about her career journey, discuss the power of communication and curiosity in developing authentic corporate partnerships, and get her thoughts on upcoming challenges and opportunities in corporate philanthropy.

Crystal Daniel (Guest Author)

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Let's Imagine podcast EPISODE 6: A Global Perspective of the Nonprofit Sector: England

In this episode, we hear perspectives from a counterpart organization, the National Council for Voluntary Organizations (NCVO), which supports the nonprofit sector in England.

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Let's Imagine podcast EPISODE 5: Nonprofit sector federal budget 2023 analysis

This week’s episode is a special discussion about the federal budget that was tabled on March 28.

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Let's Imagine Podcast EPISODE 20: Transforming Nonprofits by Centering Indigenous Justice with Mélanie Valcin and Kristen Miller

What steps can organizations take to decolonize frameworks and center justice for Indigenous people in the nonprofit sector? In this episode, we’re joined by Mélanie Valcin and Kristen Miller, member of the board of directors of United for Literacy - a national charity focused on improving the lives of children, youth and adults through literacy.