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Call for Nominations/Expressions of Interest - February 2020

Call for Nominations/Expressions of Interest - February 2020



It’s about making Canada better. It’s about creating enabling conditions for social good. It’s about strength and sustainability.

It is Imagine Canada and it needs people like you.

As the nation’s umbrella organization working with and on behalf of all missions and causes, Imagine Canada is looking for dedicated individuals to join its Board of Directors. If you like to debate issues facing charities and nonprofits, contribute to the health and well-being of an entire sector and learn from peers and colleagues, then this is the place for you.

In the coming months, Imagine Canada is seeking to add to the talented pool of people who govern this national organization and help guide its efforts in four key areas; research and data, developing and implementing public policy initiatives, growing the leading Standards Program, and reframing the conversation with Canadians about the sector.

Imagine Canada invites nominations or expressions of interest from those wishing to serve on the Board of Directors or on Board Committees.

Board of Directors

Two (2) incumbents are expected to stand for re-election to a second term, and five (5) other vacancies will be open for election.

Directors of Imagine Canada meet four times a year through a combination of in-person and teleconference meetings. They compose the senior decision-making body of the organization and the Board operates on a governance-as-leadership model.

Key Considerations

As a Board that is representing national interests, Imagine Canada strives to be reflective of the country by ensuring balance in terms of geography, gender and experience, while ensuring inclusivity and diversity. As per the organization’s Bylaws, the Nominating Sub-committee will ensure that at least half of the Directors are connected (through employment, Board or volunteer service) to an organization that is a Member of Imagine Canada. While the sector is too vast to have all subsectors represented at any one time, the organization seeks to ensure a ‘rotation of interests’ whereby different mission or cause areas are present on the Board.

Priority Areas

The Board is focused on achieving the priorities of its Strategic Planning Framework. From time to time, different priority areas emerge to support key aspects of its work. This year, the Nominating Sub-committee is giving priority to the following areas:

  • Subsectors – Individuals from the education, environment, health, and sport cause areas
  • Skills/Experience – Individuals with financial, academic and/or market research, and risk management experience
  • Geography – Anywhere in Canada, with particular interest in individuals from Quebec and the Northern territories
  • Demographic background – Individuals with a variety of experience due to gender, age, and ethnicity

Call for Nominations/Expressions of Interest

Nominations and expressions of interest should be submitted by March 20, 2020 to Danielle Ferguson-Shivrattan at