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New from Sector Source: Resources to build your organization!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015
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Sector Source is a resource website dedicated to help those who run charities and nonprofits stay informed on management tools and big issues related to charities and nonprofits. This is the first blog installment featuring new resources available on Sector Source. Here we highlight a range of new materials that are available!

Practical tool

The NPCLO Legal Self Assessment, available from Arts Legal Outreach (B.C.), is a survey tool to help you identify gaps in legal compliance and allows you to take steps to rectify issues that are flagged in the process. Their website, which hosts this tool, also provides a number of legal and compliance resources. Though mostly focused on British Columbia, there are a number of great tools available on the site.

If you find that there are certain areas you would like to develop further — Sector Source provides an online resource guide to our Standards (a number overlapping with the topics identified in the NPCLO tool).

Most applicable to: those overseeing legal compliance, governance, HR/operations and risk assessment.

Visionary report

Open data is the buzz these days! The Mowat Centre’s An Open Future Data priorities for the not-for-profit sector where author JamieVan Yemeren provides a great overview of where nonprofit sector leaders see opportunity for using open data. Particularly, it focuses on what as a collective the nonprofit sector can do to track impact more collaboratively. The call to share data is everywhere and open data presents huge opportunities, but possibly even more unknowns: where do we get it, how do we use it, what do we decide is usable. While this report does not focus on these applied questions, it begins a broader conversation and sparks ideas. Published by Mowat as part of their Sector Signals report series.

Most applicable to: researchers, data analysts, leaders of capacity buildings and umbrella organization leaders, anyone interested in the open data movement.

A couple follow up pieces: The Big Data vs Open Data– Mapping it Out blog post spells out the difference between “Big Data” and “Open Data”.

For more information on case studies and applications, TechSoup Canada’s blog “Take The Next Step With Data Sharing For Nonprofits“sums up some ways to get started.

Essential webinar

Recently, Kevvie Fowler of KPMG (an expert in cyber security) spoke to Imagine Canada audiences about the pressing issue of cyber security pertaining to nonprofit organizations. Cyber Security For not-for-profit organizations -provides an overview of the range of threats and the surprising types of information that are valuable to cyber criminals. Kevvie highlights the surprising types of information that are of potential interest to cyber criminals and the key vulnerabilities that we aren’t always aware of. While the webinar doesn’t get into applied approaches of how to block threats (IT professionals are needed here), it will help you start investigating risks with your IT systems and policies.

Most applicable to: leaders of small organizations IT officers, overseers of data gathering.

See other webinars on various topics related to organizational risk management on Sector Source, including the most recent Preparing for and Surviving a CRA Audit, presented by Carters Professional Corporation.

Research and data

The latest giving and volunteering findings from Statistics Canada’s General Social Survey about Giving, Volunteering and Participating (2013 data), was released last month. Read the report or view this webinar presentation to hear from data analysts and experts about how to interpret these findings. Patric Fournier-Savard from Statistics Canada, Paula Speevak of Volunteer Canada and Cathy Barr of Imagine Canada speak to some interesting demographic trends in giving and volunteering. We will be releasing further insights into this data in the near future, so stay tuned.


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